I was taking executive orders into account, here.

John Ohno on 2016-09-30

I was taking executive orders into account, here. I don’t doubt that Trump would issue plenty of executive orders, but I doubt that they would be effective in doing whatever he intended them to do, and I suspect that many of them would do things he didn’t expect.

Ignoring the difference between legislation & executive order in terms of how much cooperation is involved, we have two candidates neither of whom have any particular deeply held convictions by which we could predict their behavior. One of these is a highly efficient and effective administrator whose desire for power and recognition drives her behavior in very predictable ways, and who can easily be manipulated into effectively administering the country in ways that are desirable if minor. The other has behaviors that cannot be influenced or predicted, but, luckily, he’s never been terribly effective at giving orders or convincing people to do things, so to the extent that he is likely to make sweeping changes, it will be in completely arbitrary, unpredictable ways.