Plebtistic Guide to Home Mining (s9)

Plebtistic on 2021-08-16

Step up setup from just opening a window.

You need to mine Bitcoin and you need to start immediately.

I know that sounds like some kind of irrational statement but its an encouragement of sovereignty. It could well end up being one of the few ways in a hyper controlled world you end up generating income for your family or even just enough to buy food because you’ve been restricted in the midst of some kind of psychotic social control grid. At any rate, this is YOUR (yes you the individual) ability to generate a form of near perfect digital wealth from the comfort of your own home. Bitcoin.

But hey, this is not a dissertation on why you should mine (even though you should), but a guide of how to set up a simple operation in a room of your own home. Here is how I completed the stupid basic Plebtistic setup.

  1. Buy an s9 — This may seem daunting but ASK AROUND. I personally purchased one from @kaboomracks via telegram. You wanna be super private about it? They take Bitcoin. Wanna be moar private about it? Take out a ups po box to have it delivered there (like 10–30 bucks a month I think). For home mining, unless you have 220v setup, you want the APW3++ power supply unit to go with it. They have them and the proper power supply chords and the plugs are for a typical wall outlet. There may be some wait time in overall delivery now because everyone is making purchases but its worth it. COOL. That was stupid easy and you'll pay anywhere from 350–550 right now. Big gov has easily stimulated your booty to well over that amount at this point so guess what? — you have no initial cost basis to complain about.
  2. Hook up your Miner — Plug everything into the miner. All the chords coming out of the power supply unit just go into the same holes on the top of the miner. There's 10 of them. Then plug in your ethernet cable. After you are all hooked up, plug this bad boy into the wall. You’ll hear loud noises at first but I guarantee you post TUNE period it will be much quieter.
  3. Your mining software (Braiins) — If you get from @kaboomracks, they seem to ship standard with Braiins. Run an IP scanner (angry IP, etc.) and find your miner IP address. Put the IP address in any browser bar (make sure you don’t have a vpn on when doing this or it wont work and you wont find the IP) This has been another stupid easy experience of setup and tuning and hooking up to @slushpool which I have been told is for the Plebs. Hell I don’t have time to sit down and follow which pool is most profitable but from what I can tell so far after a few weeks of running Braiins pointed at slush is that the revenue is on par with what was expected in any calculator. Instructions are stupid easy on tuning but thanks to a few killer plebs like @BranchFloridian I was able to narrow down 980 watts as a perfect tune for a regular wall outlet with 15 amp breaker on the circuit. (this is basic in US and works well). Getting me nearly 13 TH and the S9 is so quiet its basically white noise.
  4. Your Mining Pool — Another stupid easy part of the setup with Braiins is that @slushpool has videos on their YouTube of how to quickly input the proper information about your miner into your dashboard. Basically just log into or create a slushpool account. Go to the workers section on the left hand side. Click add worker on the right. And the credentials that pop up just put into the configuration section of your braiins software on your s9. This hooked up with minimal effort but did take a few minutes. Don’t freak out if it doesn’t show up right away but give it some time. Soon, you’ll see hashing.

AND THAT IS LITERALLY IT! Stupid easy. Easy enough some anonymous autistic ninja frog can do it. Just open a window and maybe point the exhaust end out.

If you wanna take it a few steps further (like I did), you can buy a few things like :

  1. 4 inch fan shroud for antminer (amazon)
  2. 4 inch ducting (amazon)
  3. 4 inch hole saw bit (amazon)
  4. duct tape (probably around your house)
  5. wood board — cut to size of window (home depot or your garage)
  6. Some kind of exhaust port for outside. (Like what you use for your dryer exterior exhaust)
  7. Maybe some white paint to help it blend in (exterior — also probably somewhere in your garage)

This will allow you to have a setup that pulls inside air and ports it out the window as shown in the firs picture on this article. This has been extremely helpful in the summer and heck I may reverse the air flow when it is cold enough in the winter. (hash heater??)

Wanna go a few steps further, cut out some holes in the cooler and run everything through there. Then wrap it in a blanket. See BELOW:

S9 in cooler. Quieter. For even MOAR quieter wrap a blanket around the outside. Don’t let blanked sit on exhaust duct (kinda hot).

@JesusOverAll1 — this me on twitter. DM me and I will help you in any way I can.