Announcing Reward Crowdfunding

Geyser on 2022-04-10

Our key mission at Geyser is to empower Bitcoin creators and creatives to turn their ideas into reality.

We have a new set of features that can get us closer to achieving this mission.

1. Fund campaigns and receive rewards from creators

Enabling communities to donate towards creator’s ideas can go a long way. But what if the campaign creators could give something back to their contributors for their support? What if they could reward them with perks, gifts, access or special features, or whatever they can think of?

By enabling reward-based crowdfunding we can give contributors more reasons to contribute, and make the creator’s community more connected.

Moreover, we believe that reward-based crowdfunding can become a new monetization stream for creators that can work in parallel to the implementation of their ideas.

2. Emoji badges to recognize funders.

Every donation is great, every Sat counts,… True. But also the “MOAR” the better! So we’re giving out emoji badges to users who donate more than a certain amounts: 10, 50, 200 and 500 USD.

We spoke with several members of our community and they loved this idea! Let’s make crowdfunding more social and dynamic. LFG.

3. Fund campaigns with Bitcoin on-chain.

Finally! On-chain funds are finally possible. The majority of contributors want to fund on Lightning, but there are some large whales out there (we hear) that want to donate their Bitcoin straight from on-chain, so we thought we’d make them happy too. So we can help projects be more successful in reaching their goals.

4. Last but not least, you can fund with GetAlby

We integrated GetAlby, a wallet browser extension, that makes lightning payments seamless: no QR codes and no cameras required. Easy.

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