C# Is Dying

Andrew Zuo on 2021-08-30

And Microsoft Is Killing It

Photo by Ruben Ortega on Unsplash

I love C#. My first real programming project after University was a game written in Unity. And I immediately fell in love with the language. It just felt so fresh. It was like Java… if Oracle had actually cared about it. This was back in the Java 7 days. I hear they moved to a faster release cycle since then so things might have changed.

And I still love the language. I mean it may not be the fanciest but it can still do anything. Like multithreading. You think multithreading is hard? Well, go to Dart-land and start playing around with Isolates. You do not realize how good you have it.

But in the last few years I have become very worried about the fate of C#. I actually shared my thoughts in a comment here and because that comment got so much attention I thought I’d elaborate here.

The Crux Of The Argument

So in that comment I said

C# is dying and Microsoft is killing it because they keep adding random stuff no one asked for. It’s death by feature creep.

Pretty clear. Pretty self-explanatory. Absolutely no need for an article. But I’m going to write one anyways.

Short Of Bombing, I Know Of No Way To Destroy A Programming Language That Was More Effective Than Feature Creep

The above quote was paraphrased from a Freakonomics episode. This one:

The original quote was “Short of bombing, I know of no way to destroy a city that was more effective than rent control”. I didn’t change bombing because I didn’t know what the equivalent was for a…