Complete Guide To Setup AutoGPT & Revolutionize Your Task Automation with GPT-4

Tristan Wolff on 2023-04-12

Learn how to setup, configure & run Auto-GPT

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What Is Auto-GPT?

Auto-GPT is an experimental open-source project that allows you to define a specific role (e.g., “book market analyst”) and a bunch of goals (e.g., “research the most successful sci-fi novels of 2022”, “summarize them”, “save the summary to a file," etc.) and let GPT-4 automatically create and perform all the necessary tasks that are needed to achieve your goals. That includes:

(No worries, if you don’t have access to GPT-4 you can also run it with your GPT-3.5 API keys)

The results you get are mind-blowing.

AutoGPT is an experimental project, that is, it has its bugs and flaws, especially when faced with new and not-so-common roles and goal descriptions, but it’s already a tremendous showcase of GPT-4’s capabilities and the potential of a modular approach to combine multiple AI agents.

How To Setup Auto-GPT


a) Python 3.8 or later (here’s how you install Python on Windows, to update your Mac’s preinstalled Python version go here)

b) OpenAI API keys (if you have an account with OpenAI, you’ll find them here; if you don’t have an OpenAI account, follow these instructions)

1. Get the code

EDIT: Make sure you select the “stable” branch! The “master” branch may often be in a broken state.

If you have GIT installed on your computer, simply run this in your terminal:

git clone

Switch to the “stable” branch:

git checkout stable