2.0 AI is the new Google, ChatGPT, MidJourney, and Code Writer combined

Vedic Science on 2023-02-06

YOU can Create Code, Imagine Images, Generate Texts, and much more for FREE

With the AI revolution in 2023, Google search, crowned as the king of search engines, is soon be challenged by various new options that don’t Track IPs, don’t Capture cookies, don’t shove you with tons of marketing Ads, or store any of your personal data.

This article discusses the several AI features YOU offer us, its privacy features, and its Carbon footprint.

We got around 12K+ views on the below article, so we decided to dig deeper into and per our initial expectations, it is a lot.

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This AI Search Engine is Putting Google Search to Shame Power packed with widely used features that don’t wanna miss

Let's deep dive into the features of


Starting with the writing feature with a mini interface like you might have seen with popular writing apps Jasper.AI, Writesonic, which can generate writing such as Blogs, Essays, Emails, and Social Media posts.

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