iOS 16.4 Released — 9 Settings You NEED To Change Immediately!

Nikhil Vemu on 2023-03-28

iOS 16.4 Released — 9 Settings You NEED To Change Immediately!

It’s one of Apple’s MASSIVE updates ever

Image by the author from Mockuuups Studio

I’ve already written about all the below features in my previous iOS 16.4 articles.

iOS 16.4 is FINALLY Out! — 60+ New Features & Changes Hey everyone! iOS 16.4 is finally out :)

But in this article, I’ve handpicked 9 features (out of 62) for you to get the most of the update. Coz going thru 62 isn’t easy in your busy life.

Let’s start →

#1. Voice Isolation for Cellular Calls 📞

Voice Isolation, if turned on, prioritises your voice in a call, filtering out the surrounding ambient noise — so the other person would hear you clearer.

Until now, this was offered only for FaceTime and other internet-based calls (like WhatsApp, Zoom, Teams). But with iOS 16.4, it arrives to normal cellular calls too!

To use it, while on your first iOS 16.4 cellular call, open Control Center, tap Mic Mode, select Voice Isolation.

Image by the author

It’s a one-off process — so all your next cellular calls will have Voice Isolation enabled.

Let it be so. Nothing to lose. Everything to gain.

Also, if you’ve observed it, the image says ‘Wide Spectrum is currently unavailable”.

It’s a mode that enhances all the background noise, suitable when a group of people physically sit nearby and talk to someone on a call. So the iPhone won’t mistake the voice of distant people as background noise.

Currently, cellular calls don’t support this.

#2. Curl animation for Apple Books 📖

iOS 16’s a disappointment for Apple Books users who loved the app for its skewmorphic, realistic page-turning animation — Curl.