What every software engineer should know about search

Max Grigorev on 2017-08-03

A production search system.

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Ask a software engineer: “How would you add search functionality to your product?” or “How do I build a search engine?” You’ll probably immediately hear back something like: “Oh, we’d just launch an ElasticSearch cluster. Search is easy these days.” But is it? Numerous current products still have suboptimal search experiences. Any true search expert will tell you that few engineers have a very deep understanding of how search engines work, knowledge that’s often needed to improve search quality.

Even though many open source software packages exist, and the research is vast, the knowledge around building solid search experiences is limited to a select few. Ironically, searching online for search-related expertise doesn’t yield any recent, thoughtful overviews.

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Why read this?

Think of this post as a collection of insights and resources that could help you to build search experiences. It can’t be a complete reference, of course, but hopefully we can improve it based on feedback (please comment or reach out!).

I’ll point at some of the most popular approaches, algorithms, techniques, and tools, based on my work on general purpose and niche search experiences of varying sizes at Google, Airbnb and several startups. ❗️Not appreciating or understanding the scope and complexity of search problems can lead to bad user experiences, wasted engineering effort, and product failure. If you’re impatient or already know a lot of this, you might find it useful to jump ahead to the tools and services sections.

Some philosophy

This is a long read. But most of what we cover has four underlying principles:

🔷 Search is an inherently