You have some facts but your conclusion is ridiculous.

William Carr on 2017-02-19

We grow most of our food in California or import from Mexico.

It’s the Red States that depend on California, not the reverse.

“Keep their crops for themselves”.

What, soybeans? Corn ? Wheat?

And what will they do with it?

I’ve heard this exact quote before, and…it was dumber than dirt the FIRST TIME.

Farmers grow crops to make money, but they sell to Corporations, not cities.

If they don’t sell their crops, they get no money and they have to live off soybeans.

That means no seed money for next year.

If you’d gone with “riots in small towns” or “parades of tractors” or “convoys of Semis” at least it wouldn’t have been ridiculous.

Now, if Cons gave up and tuned out, that would be fine.

The parallel is the South after the Civil War.

Bitter, defeated, full of hatred, but out of power for about twenty years.