Career Cheat Codes I Know at 36 That I Wish I Knew at 26

Tim Denning on 2022-10-24

Your career grows when you start taking the opportunities you’re not qualified for.

Me sh*tting bricks at work about to give a presentation. (Image supplied by author)

I got trapped in a finance career like a caged lion.

Then through a bizarre series of events, I invented my own job. This led me to get access to uncommon opportunities and build an online business that eventually replaced my job.

These are cheat codes that allowed, what some call a miracle, to happen. Steal them & apply the lessons to your career to get an unfair advantage.

1. Make your boss’s job easier

I’m not talking about kissing your boss’s sexy legs or anything.

Early in my banking career I got a new boss. He was in over his head. I could see it. So I told him to send me the hard stuff. Then I did the work for him and said “put your name on the bottom and don’t mention me.”

When he got too busy I went to his leadership meetings to ease the load. As soon as bonus time came around I got lots more money. Whenever I needed a favor I always got it.

2. Trade non-financial poker chips

Employees think the most about money. When they do good, like a doggie, they want their fat cat salary increase or bonus.

There are so many better things you can trade with your employer/boss instead of money — which makes them easier to get approved.

One boss gave me a day a week to hang out with the team that ran social media at my company. I learned so much from them which helped me become a blogger. Those skills have now earned me more than 7-figures.

Access to new industries/departments/information is worth more than money.

3. The path to follow that isn’t obvious

Society teaches us (wrongly) to follow the path with the most money.

That’s why many people become doctors, lawyers, and bankers. Not because their hearts desire them to, but because it sounds good and can pay well. The path to follow though, which leads to career happiness, is to follow your curiosity.